Using the T⋅A⋅P® Insulation Demo Tube

As a pest management or wildlife professional, Marketing and selling your TAP Pest Control Insulation service offering can be easy with…

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4 Ways to Show Patriotism Year Round

Patriotism is defined as “love or devotion for one’s country.” While patriotism is often demonstrated through clothing or the launching…

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Quiet Can Be Comfortable

Imagine relaxing on your couch after a long day to the tranquil and peaceful sound of nothing. A home in…

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Motivating Millennials to Sell

With the last of the millennials entering college last fall (August 2017), the workforce is being flooded with these bright-eyed…

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Summer Heat & Energy Costs

Summer is just around the corner as are warmer temperatures. A frequently asked question is “What can be done to…

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World Pest Day - June 6, 2018

Today is World Pest Day! On this colossal day, we celebrate all those fun species that keep us in business….

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Memorial Day: An Honor to Serve

Mark Beavers, Managing Director of Technical Services for Rollins, Inc. is a global public health and pest management professional. Also…

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Rebates: Energy Efficient TAP® Pest Control In...

Not only does TAP® Pest Control Insulation control pests, create a quieter home environment and help families live comfortable, it…

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A Bit of History - First TAP® Bag

Since 2001, TAP® Pest Control Insulation has become the nation’s number one pest control insulation which bears the ENERGY STAR®…

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