TAP® Pest Control Insulation was created in 2001 by industry visionaries as the perfect fusion of two value propositions important to homeowners—pest control and energy efficient insulation. Based on environmentally responsible cellulose insulation, this premium insulation product would save consumers money through superior energy efficiency and help protect their home against a myriad of common pests, including ants, cockroaches, and termites.

While energy costs were skyrocketing for consumers, pest management companies were losing employees in the fall and winter due to the seasonality of the industry. Seemingly unrelated, the new TAP® Pest Control Insulation represented a major opportunity for household energy efficiency at the consumer level and valued employee retention for pest management companies.

The result would be the ‘greenest of the green’—an insulation made up of almost 90% recycled paper, that would also eliminate pests from gaining access to homes through attics, crawlspaces, and wall voids.

Meet the Team

William N. Turk, President & CEO

Jay Mancin, CFO/COO

Chris White, Vice President of Sales

Annie McCane, Marketing Director

Stephens Brown, Sales & Client Support Director

Kristi Etris, Customer Service Representative

Melissa Leveille, Customer Service Representative

Jaime Gasper, Warehouse Manager

Ann Mohr, Admin Clerk

Tapper wearing a red shirt.
TAPPER, the Anteater

Company Information


Pest Control Insulation provides pest management professionals and home builders with new revenue opportunities through innovative, environmentally responsible and high-value pest control and insulation products.

Brand Promise

Innovative Products. Trusted Support. Extraordinary Service.

Markets We Serve

Pest Control Insulation serves the pest management, wildlife control, home builder, insulation contractor, and construction markets in the contiguous United states as well as Alaska and Hawaii.

Associations & Memberships

Pest Control Insulation is proud to hold membership and affiliations with ASPCRO, AZPPO, CIMA, FPMA, GPCA, Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce, Habersham Chamber of Commerce, ICAA, NEPMA, NPMA, NICE, NWCOA, PCOC, PPMA, SCPCA, TNPCA, TXPCA, and VPMA.

Sustainable Solutions: Leading With Innovation

Our most important business partner is the agricultural products we use in our products: trees (recycled paper) and borates. Pest Control Insulation is committed to providing a safer and healthier life for others. Our comprehensive approach to reducing our environmental impact means looking at all aspects of our business, how they intersect, and how we can integrate new and innovative solutions which foster meaningful and sustained change.

Safety is our primary focus. As a leader in the pest control, wildlife, and insulation industries, we provide innovative solutions which follow current integrated pest management techniques and reduce potential health risks to our clients’ customers and the environment as well as protecting the structure of homes across the nation. Our commitment coupled with our world-class training program sets us apart.

Pest Control Insulation is actively pursuing sustainable solutions by:

Committing to the highest quality of responsibly produced products that are ethically purchased and sourced.

Following a comprehensive approach to reducing our environmental impact by looking at all aspects of our business.

Promoting the use of green energy by transforming recycled content into products that protect the home, health, and comfort of consumers.

Seeking to be a welcome neighbor in communities in which our product resides as well as a productive and contributing member of society.

Investing in people via pathways of opportunity through education, professional development, and employment.

Demonstrating and understanding that we only have one planet that is our responsibility to protect and therefore utilize its resources wisely.

To learn more about our sustainable solutions efforts, contact us.


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