TAP Bags in the AtticInsulation Contractors Install TAP® Pest Control Insulation

TAP® Pest Control Insulation represents a unique opportunity for insulation contractors across the country to grow their business by offering a differentiated service within their market.  Builders and homeowners are becoming more and more aware of the benefits of adding insulation in their home. TAP® Pest Control Insulation offers insulation contractors the opportunity to participate in offering homeowners the additional benefit of pest control.

TAP® Pest Control Insulation is the number one and most well recognized brand of pesticide insulation in the industry. Almost every U.S. state, however, requires a pest control license to apply TAP® Pest Control Insulation (Arizona and Michigan are two notable exceptions to this rule allowing any properly licensed insulation contractor to install TAP® Pest Control Insulation). Due to demand by insulation contractors who were interested in expanding their business, PCI initiated an effort in June 2016 to develop a business model to help insulation contractors meet the licensing requirements needed to apply TAP® Pest Control insulation. With over 19,5000 pest control operators (PCOs) in the U.S. today, many PCOs do not want to buy equipment or dedicate employees to the installation process preferring to sell the service while subcontracting the retrofitting work over to an insulation professional.

Why work with a Pest Control Operator (PCO)?

PCOs are already established in approximately 25% of existing homes across the U.S. providing pest control services to those that can afford it and to those who are concerned about their comfort, health and fear of insects. These PCOs have built a relationship of trust with homeowners, so talking about and inspecting an attic is a simple process. Sharing the need for additional insulation based on the U.S. Department of Energy’s recommendations while providing a permanent layer of pest protection that pays for itself is an easy sale. It also provides tremendous benefits to the homeowner.

PCOs also have established relationships with builders since most homes require a termite pre-treatment. PCO’s are talking with builders daily about protecting homes from insect damage and infestation issues. TAP® Pest Control Insulation in the attic and walls of a new home is a unique way to differentiate your service. In addition, the TAP® Pest Control Insulation program offers impressive margins to both the selling PCO and the insulation installer. Earlier this year, PCI polled our PCO customer base finding that a whopping 95% of respondents were interested in the opportunity to subcontract their work to a properly licensed insulation contractor.

We are happy to work with insulation contractors to help navigate the details of the current regulations and, where possible, help make introductions to pest management professionals who are interested in selling TAP® Pest Control Insulation but do not have the equipment or labor to install insulation.

Click here to learn more about the TAP® Pest Control Insulation and ENERGY STAR® partnership.


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