Companies, like yours, don’t come in just one size. So, why adopt an add-on service that is designed for one sized company? We understand the uniqueness of our clients and the customers they serve. Therefore, we have three solutions from which you can choose – each designed to make your new TAP® Pest Control Insulation service offering a success.

SOLUTION ONE: Go All In with TAP Pest Control Insulation

With over 18 years experience in equipping pest management companies with successful and innovative add-on service opportunities, we are ready to help you launch your own TAP® Pest Control Insulation business. Regardless if you opt to offer attic capping, attic restoration, new homes installs or a combination of all three, we’ve got you covered.

The TAP® Pest Control Insulation turnkey program offers our EPA-registered pest control insulation, the equipment to install and the supplies needed, as well as our world-class member support and training program. Everything you need to deliver proven results for your customers tied up in an insulated bow. Contact us if you are ready to get started.

SOLUTION TWO: Dip Your Corporate Toe in the Attic

TAP® Pest Control Insulation is now available to order online at HomeDepot.com. This solution provides the opportunity to order multiple quantities with several distribution options:

  • Deliver to the job site
  • Deliver to your office
  • Deliver to your local Home Depot store for pick up on your terms

Most Home Depot stores also offer rental programs for their insulation blowers and vacuums allowing you the opportunity to learn the basics of installation using their equipment. Once you and your colleagues gain experience and are confidently selling 4 to 6 TAP® Pest Control Insulation jobs each month, consider ordering your own insulation equipment through us. It’s an easy way to ease into this innovative add-on service offering without the risk.

SOLUTION THREE: Sell the Service & Subcontract the Work

In many markets, our experienced team can partner you with an Insulation Contractor we have vetted and trained. These amazingly professional installers will act as a member of your team. The opportunity is simple – you sell the service and contract with the preferred insulation contractor to conduct the install.

Even if you offer TAP® Pest Control Insulation currently and are struggling with staffing or equipment challenges, this is a solution that is available to solve any issue. Consider it your “ace in your pocket!” Contact us today to see if a sub-contractor opportunity is available in your market.



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