Turn An Objection Into A Sale Part 1

Energy Efficiency Rebates for TAP Pest Control Insulation

Installing TAP® Pest Control Insulation in your home is not only a smart and savvy decision, but it can also be rewarding as well. Many local, state, and federal programs provide rebates for TAP® Pest Control Insulation as an energy-efficient upgrade made to your home. Here are a few options to consider:

UPDATE: Federal Tax Credit Expanded and Extended Through December 31, 2032 (30% up to $1,200.00 of the cost of the insulation material and installation)
Forms Needed:
1. f5695
2. i5695
3. TAP® Manufacturer’s Certificate / OrkinTherm PRO Manufacturer’s Certificate

Marketing Resources for PMPs (coming soon):

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Additional Opportunities

Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE)
ENERGY STAR® Rebates & Other Special Offers (U.S. Dept. of Energy)
Georgia Residents
Louisiana Residents
Los Angeles California Residents
NEW: Federal Tax Credit for Home Builders

Many rebates for TAP® Pest Control Insulation and special offers are only available for a limited time, so do your research before making a purchase. In addition to the rebates databases outlined above, your state government, local government, or utility provider may offer additional incentives unknown to the makers of TAP® Pest Control Insulation. Need documentation for your rebate or incentive? Visit our product literature page for available downloads or contact us.

NOTE: When considering if a rebate is applicable or beneficial, seek advice from your preferred financial advisor or tax professional.


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