Help your customers protect their home and family from household pests while saving money on energy bills. LEARN MORE »


Protect your home and family from pests and skyrocketing energy costs with TAP® Pest Control Insulation. FIND OUT HOW »


Keeps homes warmer in the winter & cooler in the summer.

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Reduces unwelcome noise from outside and helps create a peaceful environment inside the home.

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Pest Control

An EPA-labeled pest control product that helps control common household insects.

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TAP® Pest Control Insulation

Pest Management Professionals nationwide are finding success with an innovative add-on service that is green and aligns beautifully with current IPM techniques. When added to existing insulation or installed on its own, Thermal Acoustical Pest Control (TAP®) Insulation controls bugs and helps to keep the air in the living areas of your clients’ homes comfortable. It reduces the required energy needed to heat or cool the home and, in turn, reduces your clients’ heating and cooling costs.

Uniquely offering two solutions in one product: an energy-efficient blown-in insulation coupled with the added value of pest control. TAP® Pest Control Insulation helps keep the bugs out and comfort in! Let us be the solution for expanding your Pest Control Business and building customer loyalty.

Learn more and begin taking advantage of the benefits available to you and your company.

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TAP® Pest Control Insulation is the only product registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to control insects that also includes an ENERGY STAR® label and UL Classification. Not only does it outperform traditional insulation in keeping a structure thermally sound year-round, TAP® Pest Control Insulation also helps prevent and eliminate potentially destructive and disease-transmitting pests including ants, cockroaches, termites and silverfish (among others) from entering the home’s living and working spaces. Pest Management Professionals offering TAP® Pest Control Insulation are finding greater success and increasing client loyalty as the trusted pest management provider in their area.

Let TAP® Pest Control Insulation be the solution to build your business.

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