Turn A Question Into A Sale

Pest management professionals across the U.S. are finding success in offering EPA-registered TAP® Pest Control Insulation. However, success with selling a TAP® Pest Control Insulation service depends on your preparation for the objections you might face from your customer. How can you turn an objection into a sale?

One of the more frequent questions you might encounter is:

“How can I trust that TAP® actually works?”

Here is some insight to help you and your customer move past this objection and find clarity and assurance to move forward:

1. First, TAP® Pest Control Insulation is an EPA-registered pesticide. TAP® earned its registration, 89140-1, through the Environmental Protection Agency’s very arduous process based on very strict efficacy testing data and a patented chemical loading process to ensure that the control factor is indeed resilient. Not all products claiming to have pesticide properties can surpass this scrutinizing process. In addition. TAP® has earned a state-level registration in all 50 states. 

2. TAP® Pest Control Insulation is backed by a lifetime warranty on the pest control and energy-efficient properties. In addition, the TAP® warranty is transferrable. Therefore, if your customer moves following their TAP® installation, the new homeowner can take over the term of the warranty with full confidence. 

3. The science just makes sense. As pests crawl through the insulation, the product’s active ingredient, Boron, clings to their exterior. As they groom themselves, they ingest the ingredient. Once ingested, the boron shuts down the pest’s digestive system which dehydrates them causing death. The pests affected by TAP® are listed on the product’s EPA label. The company nor the product’s label does not make any claims regarding rodents or spiders. In fact, there is not a pest control insulation on the market which can. 

Preparing in advance for these types of questions/objections is the key to success with TAP® Pest Control Insulation. While turning an objection into a sale is the goal, remember to handle the customer’s questions/objections professionally. This will have you turning a question into a sale with minimal effort.  

Need additional insight to help improve your TAP® Sales Presentation? Contact us today! 

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