Attic Restoration

As protectors of health and property, it is no surprise that the Pest Management Industry has evolved into providers of…

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Silverfish: An Interesting Insect

Silverfish, Lepisma saccharina, are a common guest in many homes across the country. Typically, found in attics, basements, bathrooms, closets,…

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Interesting Pest Facts

We don’t usually consider anything about bugs fun. However, there are many unique and fascinating facts about common household pest…

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7 Tips for Insulation Consideration

Adding insulation to your home can provide long-term benefits to your wallet. Here are some tips when considering how best…

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Cut Your Energy Costs with a Simple Inspection

One of the most common problems pest management professionals discover within the attics of their clients’ homes is insufficient insulation….

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Installing TAP Pest Control Insulation

5 Tips for Selling TAP® Pest Control Insulation

The strength of the relationship that pest management professionals (PMPs) have with their customers is unlike any other.  After all,…

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Energy Saving Tips

The TAP® Pest Control Insulation Team is committed to the productivity and longevity of your home. Consider these energy saving…

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