Capitalize on Social Media to Sell

Capitalizing on social media to advertise and sell your TAP® Pest Control Insulation services is an effective strategy. If you have participated in our training webinars or on-site training, you have heard our team mention that marketing your TAP® Pest Control Insulation service offering is a low-cost initiative. Simply adding an attic inspection to your normal visit to the home, allows you an open door to discuss an attic cap or attic restoration service upon the conclusion of the inspection. 

However, you might also wish to publicize your TAP® Pest Control Insulation service offering through social media. This is another cost effective way to generate interest and new customers.

Here are some quick considerations before you begin:

1. Utilize the already constructed social media posts ready for download on the TAP® Member Site. Simply browse the selection available and select the ones that you feel would highlight your company the best. 

2. Share posts that are on the TAP® Pest Control Insulation social channels to your social media platforms. Visit our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Youtube pages and share until your heart is content. 

3. Create your own posts when running a special or discounted rate. These are great for those who may be on the fence about your service offering. 

4. Share testimonials from happy customers who have already had TAP® Pest Control Insulation installed in their home. This allows others to speak on your behalf. 

5. Share photos taken during a TAP® Installation to help your followers understand what is involved with a traditional attic cap or a partial or who attic restoration service offering. Allow them to ask questions and be quick to respond helping them understand how TAP® Pest Control Insulation can protect their health, their home, and their wallet. 

Content is Key

The key to a successful selling plan using social media is to determine which type of content your audiences will respond to best. This may be different from platform to platform. For example, a post on attic capping on Facebook might do well but not gain any traction on Twitter. Simply switch it up and see how it works. 

Another factor to consider is timing. Most people check their social media multiple times a day while many check it after work and well into the evening. Make sure you account for all types of viewers when posting. If you have any questions or would like more information on capitalizing on social media to sell TAP® Pest Control Insulation, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Hello@TAPinsulation.com

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