DIY Objection

Providers of EPA-registered TAP® Pest Control Insulation are building revenue and gaining satisfied customers across the U.S. Success with selling a TAP® Pest Control Insulation service, however, depends on your team’s preparation for the objections homeowners my offer during the sales presentation. The key is to ‘sell through the objection’ by helping the homeowner understand the full picture with regard to their objection. One common objection you might hear is:

“I can simply purchase TAP® Pest Control Insulation and install it myself cheaper.”

Here is some insight to help you and your customer move past the hurdle of the ‘DIY’ mentality and see the value and benefits beyond:

  1. The experience, knowledge, and insight your team brings to the job far outweighs that of the homeowner. Express your team’s track record with this type of service and the efficiency you offer which is comparable to their monthly/quarterly pest control service. 
  2. Safety is always a concern. Express your insight regarding working in confined spaces. The EPA label of TAP® Pest Control Insulation clearly articulates the need for personal protective equipment. Also, highlight that your team of skilled professionals can prevent unwanted injury to the homeowner such as bumped noggins, sore backs, or an unfortunate fall through the ceiling into the living spaces of the home. 
  3. Time is an important commodity to your homeowner. Your team has the experience to complete the job in a set window of time. If the homeowner opts to install themselves, they will need to rent an insulation blower from a local machine shop or hardware store. These machines typically do not produce the output of your proven equipment. There is also a large learning curve in operating insulation blowers. You definitely have the advantage and insight to benefit your customers. 
  4. The warranty is a selling feature. TAP® Pest Control Insulation is backed by a lifetime, transferrable warranty when installed by an approved provider of TAP® Pest Control Insulation. Unfortunately, if the homeowner decides to install the product themselves, the warranty is not available. 
  5. Unforeseen situations are also wise to mention. When installing insulation in an attic, ventilation is a concern. If the attic can’t breathe, moisture will build up fostering mold and mildew which is costly to remediate. Also, state laws recommend building three-inch barriers around all heat-producing devices such as chimneys, recessed lights, attic fans, and flues. This can be tricky as the homeowner might be required to navigate this task in tight spaces. 

The key to success with selling TAP® Pest Control Insulation is to anticipate objections with careful preparation and practice. Objections will occasionally be presented but they aren’t necessarily a roadblock to your team’s success. How the customer’s objection is handled is the key to a successful TAP® business. 

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