Krendl 575PCO

TAP® Pest Control Insulation has grown to become the nation’s number one pest control insulation. With that title comes the responsibility to our customers to stock the best insulation machines to get the job done. For this reason, PCI’s Partnership with Krendl was established in 2001 to supply the pest control industry with superior machines.

The first machine brought into the TAP® lineup was the Krendl 425 Insulation Blower. Since then, the 450 Insulation Blower, the 475 Insulation Blower, and the exclusive TAP® 575PCO Insulation Blower has been added.

When the company’s Insulation Removal and Attic Restoration program was launched, a partnership with Krendl Machines was formed to bring some of their first insulation removal vacuums to the pest control and wildlife industries.

In 2019, Pest Control Insulation worked with Krendl Machines to bring the Krendl 575PCO Insulation Blower to life. It is the highest-output machine on the market today that can still run on household current. It is also specifically designed for use by the pest control industry.

Why Did PCI Pick Krendl Machines?

PCI understands how important it is to have working equipment when arriving at the job site. That’s why PCI CEO and founder, Bill Turk, wanted to partner with Krendl Machines. His previous experiences with Krendl Machines versus other insulation machine manufacturers made it clear that Krendl Machines was the ideal route. He picked Krendl Machines because they simply work better, are built better, and supply superior support for their equipment.

PCI is Here to Help

We’re here for you for the life of your Krendl insulation blower or vacuum. Not only do we supply parts and accessories for Krendl Machines, but we also provide support for repair of your machine if it stops working. Simply contact us, and we’ll help you get back up and running again!

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