TAP® EXCLUSIVE 575PCO Insulation Blowing Machine


The high output 575PCO Insulation Blowing Machine, available exclusively from TAP® Pest Control Insulation, provides fast production and durability for any install. The 575 PCO is perfect for Pest Management Professionals who expect to schedule 4 or more TAP® Pest Control Insulation installs per month. The 575 PCO Blowing Machine is designed as an upgrade from the robust 475 Blowing Machine. It still runs on 120V, but has nearly twice the production rate as the previous generation of Krendl insulation blowing machines. See below for complete package components including training and support as well as mechanical specs.

Order yours exclusively through TAP® Pest Control Insulation!

Please expect lead times of up to 4 weeks on insulation machines. Contact us at 770-766-6050 for more information.


The high output 575PCO Blowing Machine, available exclusively from TAP® Pest Control Insulation, provides 33% greater output than the workhorse 475 and utilizes common household current. With an impressive output rate of up to 93 bags of TAP® Pest Control Insulation per hour, the 575PCO shaves valuable labor time from attic capping and attic restoration projects. That’s more money in your pocket! Safety guards provide operator protection and the removable hopper allows for easy access to the machine’s all-steel airlock for cleaning. The dual agitators enhance the conditioning of insulation fibers. A cord hanger and hand pendant hanger allow convenient storage of cords and hand pendant.

This fast production machine is durable for an install and perfect for pest management professionals and insulation contractors alike.

Mechanical Features:

  • Output Rate – up to 93 bags of TAP® per hour using a 3″ blowing hose
  • Safety guards provide operator protection
  • Removable hopper for quick and easy access to the airlock
  • Modular component design for quick disassembly/reassembly for easy troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Improved blower filter design for less filter maintenance
  • Dual (2) agitators that enhance the conditioning of fibers
  • 3/4 hp. Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Gear Motor (470 in./lb. torque) for a long life
  • All steel airlock for enhanced spraying and metering capabilities
  • Extra heavy, nickel-plated #40 chain with hardened steel sprockets provides a corrosion/abrasion resistance drive system
  • Cord hanger and hand pendant holder allow for convenient storage or cords and hand pendant

Electrical Features:

  • 150 ft. (46m.) remote control cord with three (3) position switch gives increased operator control of feed and blower
  • Operator safety/hazard features – emergency kill switch and manual override at machine
  • 15 amp thermal overload protection for complete protection of the agitator/material feed motor
  • 24VAC outlet
  • Breaker protection for transformer providing properly sized fuse protection on the 2 amp transformer

Shipping Info:

Typically ships within three (3) to seven (7) business days

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Additional information

Weight 420 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 28 × 69 in


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