When winter arrives, it brings cold weather, animals go into hibernation, and we spend our time in the warmth of our homes. But we are not the only ones that want to spend our time indoors. Bugs and rodents also seek warmth shelter during this time. If your home is not prepared and protected, it can become the perfect winter home for these silent guests.

While we stop seeing mosquitoes, flies, and bees flying around, that doesn’t mean that rodents and other small critters aren’t crawling around your home. Wall voids, attics, and heating ducts are places that bugs and rodents can turn into their homes for the season.

Pests and insects are unbelievably adaptable and able to survive during the winter months. While you might not notice their presence in your home, they could be hibernating and ready to emerge once spring arrives.  For this reason, having a regularly scheduled visit from your pest control provider is an excellent aid in preventing pests from nesting in your home.  Pest management professionals (PMPs) do more than just exterminating critters that already live in your home. PMPs also help you seal your home with exclusion methods, protect exterior walls from entry, and so much more. Make sure to talk with your provider on what are the best solutions for you.

For more information about this topic, read The Keys to Winter Pest-Proofing. If you suspect you have a pest infestation, contact your local pest control provider. Ready to take a proactive approach to pest management and enjoy a comfortable, pest-free home with TAP® Pest Control Insulation? Contact us to find a provider near you!

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