The cold season can slow down business. This is the perfect time for pest control professionals to prepare for the busy season. Although the winter months are considered slow-season, that does not mean that all business is closed.

Consider this time as the time to improve, prepare and prevent.


The winter months are perfect to work on the development and education of your staff. Many companies use this time to:

  • Sales & Technical training: Pest control professionals … Take advantage of the slower work pace to bolster your team’s knowledge with training refresher courses and company meetings.
  • Update licenses & certifications: A pest control professional that is well-educated and prepared will guarantee your customers’ protection. Use this time to ensure that all technicians are up to date with all necessary certifications and licenses.
  • Keep communicating with clients: Remember to touch base with your existing customers. This is the time to remind your clients about maintenance, routine inspections, follow-ups, and more.


Stay one step ahead get ready for the warmer months and business to pick up.

  • Review business operations: Evaluate and update any business practices that do not work with your business model. Creating and implementing new policies during the slower months will help maximize business during peak season.
  • Equipment Maintenance: There is nothing more frustrating than to be at a job site and have your equipment fail on you. Take this time to inspect and service your equipment. Repair or replace any equipment pieces that need it to maintain year-round effective equipment.
  • Safety & Best Practice Initiatives: Technicians’ safety should always be top priority. Use this time to go over best practices and safety initiatives and evaluate if improvements to these protocols will ensure you and your staff are ready for the busy season.


Take advantage of the slower pace that comes with, the colder months and remind your clients of the importance of prevention.

  • Routine inspections: Regular checkups (yearly, every six months, quarterly, etc.) can detect pest problems at an early stage and allow technicians to take action to contain infestations and prevent major home damage.
  • Seal & Repair: Close off possible entry points like wall cracks and holes, utility pipes, etc.
  • Attic inspections & maintenance: During the colder months, pests can settle in attics seeking warmth as they wait for the heat of the summer. This is a perfect time for pest professionals to get in the attic and ensure the home’s health.

Pest Control Insulation offers sales and technical training year-round and a plethora of resources to ensure that our clients are prepared no matter the season of the year. For more information, go to TAPinsulation.com

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