Pest Control Insulation has teamed up with GreenSky® Loan Program to help pest control professionals increase their sales and win larger contracts. GreenSky is a consumer loan program that provides financial technology to companies who desire to make home improvement loans to consumers. Thousands of contractors across the U.S trust GreenSky to increase their customers’ buying power and get paid faster.

By presenting different payment options, you can help customers say yes to the home improvement project that they have been thinking about.

How Financing Works:

  1. Customer Applies. They can apply online through the GreenSky website, phone, or mobile application.
  2. Approval. Homeowners can receive approval within seconds. Approved borrowers receive a GreenSky account number and loan agreement from a bank lender.
  3. You get Paid. Customers use their GreenSky account number to pay you, and you can process payments just like a credit card.  

Contractors can close more deals with financing plans that meet their customer’s needs, from fixed-rate installment loans with low payments to promotional plans that offer no interest if the balance is paid in full during the promotional period.

How to Offer Financing:

Through TAP®, you can find a sponsorship landing page. Fill out the merchant application online and allow a couple of business days for the GreenSky Team to review it. After companies receive approval, an enrollment link is provided for additional contact information. And you are ready to go!


  1. 2 Years in business
  2. $500K in annual sales

Providers can get even better rates by signing up through TAP® and using our sponsorship number (# 1004)! 

Benefits for Homeowners:

People who add TAP® to their homes save money on their utility bills, and with the addition of GreenSky payment plans, the cost is even lower!

Learn more about GreenSky and TAP® here. 

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