Employees are one of the greatest assets a company can have. Recognizing people for their good work reminds them that they and their work matter. According to a recent study done by Evive nearly 4 out of 10 employees do not feel recognized in a timely and meaningful way for their work.

Employee Appreciation Day (March 4) has become a holiday that employers should pay attention to now more than ever. With the dynamics of the Great Resignation of 2021, internal restructuring, in many cases, is not always enough. Last year taught us that if employees do not feel appreciated, they will leave without looking back. On the flip side, if people are thanked and recognized, they are less likely to look for a new job and see themselves for a longer time in their job.

Here are some things you can implement in your company culture to show authentic gratitude to your team.

Build appreciation around conversations:

Do not underestimate how far sincerity and words of appreciation can go. Helping employees see how they’ve made the company better reinforces their importance to the business’s success at a deeper level.

Be specific when recognizing employees:

Make sure any form of recognition is specific, thoughtful, and timely. Avoid generalizations, and don’t assume that everyone prefers public recognition, like ’employee of the month.’ When employees feel seen, heard, and understood, and you demonstrate you did those things when showing appreciation, you validate and encourage them.

Create a path for growth:

Providing a path for growth for their careers and aspirations is another way to thank your employees. Offer opportunities to broaden their skills and knowledge; this gives employees long-term goals and shows that you invest in their career growth.

Material Special Occasions:

Paying for lunch, buying a gift basket, a gift card, or any other incentive are good options to thank employees. A token of appreciation does not go unnoticed and helps reinforce the daily efforts that you implement in your company.

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