The fear of insects is known as entomophobia and is fairly common in the United States. So, why do we fear them? Here are just a few reasons why we might fear insects:

Some insects are a threat.

While there are plenty of insects that are harmless to humans, others can cause harm by stinging, biting, or passing along diseases. The fear of harm has contributed to the wide-spread fear of insects in general.

They look weird.

Insects may have too many legs, too many eyes, pincers, stingers, exoskeletons, and other strange and terrifying features. Insects also move strangely and, often, quickly. Did we mention that some also travel in swarms?

They trespass in our space.

Today, more than half of the world’s population live in urban settings, paying premium prices for clean and hygienic dwellings. When insects find their way into the home, it can feel like an invasion of comfort. Their presence infringes on our safety and our home’s safety.

Are you ready to worry less about insects invading your home?

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