PestWorld 2018 took place in Orlando, Florida and brought together pest management and wildlife professionals, vendors, and industry leaders for a week of exploration and learning all facilitated by the National Pest Management Association. The TAP Pest Control Insulation team was in attendance for this annual event. Here are our top five takeaways from PestWorld:

  1. Competition Shouldn’t Dampen Idea Synergy. The pest control industry is one of the most competitive businesses as everyone is jockeying to protect your home and your family’s health from pests. However, the amazing professionals which comprise this industry graciously share ideas, opportunities, and lessons learned. The synergy shared throughout this industry helps to improve current integrated pest management techniques. This fact has helped extend the average life span which contributes to better sanitation, immunizations, and pest control.
  2. The Customer Experience is Evolving. As Dennis Snow, former Disney Imagineer, shared, companies should consistently look at their service maps to improve the customer experience. Whether it is the process of answering the phone, fulfilling an order, or conducting an annual inspection of the home, companies need to be reminded of the experience for the customer and how to consistently “wow” them with each interaction.
  3. The Pest Control Industry is Comprised of Remarkable Leaders. Whether you attended the Pest Management Professional Magazine’s Hall of Fame Awards Dinner, the Pest Control Technology Magazine’s Crown Leadership Awards Ceremony, or participated in the 2018 Industry Awards Ceremony, you were able to witness a few of the pioneers of our industry as well as the innovators who are consistently making significant contributions to their companies and the customers they serve.
  4. Giving Back is the Norm. Whether is was participants of the Leadership Development Group’s PestWorld Gives Back who worked in local day care centers touching the lives of over 3,000 children or members of PestVets who assisted and played bingo with disabled Veterans at Orlando’s VA Medical Center, it was clear that the pest control industry is actively looking for opportunities to give back to the communities in which they serve.
  5. Innovation is Booming. Simply walking the exhibit hall floor to experience the multitude of vendors and suppliers to this industry was overwhelming. From software enhancements and strides in chemical performance and from new products to digital industry tools, the future of pest management is inspiring and promising.

While we are sad to wrap up another week of PestWorld, we know that the experience has enabled us to better serve our communities and offer a healthy planet for everyone. We hope to see you at PestWorld 2019 in San Diego, CA.

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