ComfortTherm_InstallSome building codes require installation of crawlspace vents to provide ventilation with outside air, but there is no compelling technical basis for crawlspace ventilation requirements. If the crawlspace is vented, the floor should be insulated and any pipes or ducts in the crawlspace should be insulated as well. If the crawlspace is not vented, it is crucial that all of the crawlspace ground area be covered with a durable vapor retarder, such as heavy-weight polyethylene film. Likewise, in hot, high humidity climates, it is strongly recommended that a vapor barrier be placed on the ground, whether the crawlspace is vented or not.

Increasing the home’s thermal envelope with a product such as ComfortTherm® Crawl Space Insulation System, provides greater opportunity for the area to breath while reducing moisture and saving homeowner’s money on their annual heating and cooling costs.

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