Summer is just around the corner as are warmer temperatures. A frequently asked question is

“What can be done to lower summer energy costs?”

In order to survive the summer’s sweltering heat, the attic is always the first place to start. A well-insulated attic can save money on energy costs and protect the home from the harsh summer weather. Choosing the right type of insulation can also have dramatic effects on ones’ wallet. Take it a step further by selecting an insulation that is also an EPA-registered pesticide and protect the family’s health at the same time.

Now is the ideal time to schedule an attic inspection with your local pest management professional. During the inspection, you can learn how much insulation you have and if additional insulation is needed to keep your home running smooth all summer long. Recommended levels of insulation are set by the U.S. Department of Energy based on the region of the country in which the home resides. Remember, insulation with a higher r-value (resistance to heat transfer value) means the slower heat will transfer into the living spaces of your home.

Additional tips for lowering energy costs this summer:

1. Circulate the air in your home. When you have the recommended levels of insulation for your area of the country installed, open the windows at night. Nighttime is beat as it is when your home is at its coolest. This one step allows any hot air to escape. It will also slow the temperature gain the following day.

2. Block the solar gain. Using blinds, shades, or curtains during the day’s peak temperature window (10 AM – 4 PM) is a wise move. Windows amplify the sunshine heating your home. This is called a solar gain. Blocking the sunshine helps prevent this phenomenon and protects your home’s cooling system from kicking into overdrive.

3. Consider your timing with electronics and appliances. Anytime the oven, a washing machine/dryer, a ceiling fan, a dishwasher is in use, the ambient temperature in your home will naturally rise. If your insulation is working as it should, this warm air will be trapped in your home. Try saving these chores for the late afternoon or evening when the exterior temperature is cooler to stay more energy conscience.

Remember, summer should be a season of fun. Keeping your energy costs to a minimum allows you to spend your money on adventures with your family and friends.


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