TAP® Pest Control Insulation is an EPA-registered pesticide and cellulose insulation in one innovative product. In addition to controlling common household pests, TAP® Pest Control Insulation also lowers annual energy costs and creates a quieter, more comfortable environment for homeowners. Why, then would a homeowner not want to have TAP® Pest Control Insulation installed in their home? 

The reason is a lack of understanding. Homeowners often don’t understand why a pest management professional is selling insulation. Here are a few tips to increase sales and create happy, loyal customers:

1. Listening is critical. 

Truly listening is not always practiced in our sales culture. We often focus more on providing our elevator speech over listening for the customers’ true problems we can solve. The key is to listen for pain points which you can solve with TAP® Pest Control Insulation. Every homeowner is different and each home environment is different. Listening helps you determine if an attic cap or an attic restoration service is the right solution to protect their home from unwanted pests. 

2. Ask the right questions. 

When you ask the right questions, you help the homeowner convey a realistic picture of their situation. It also helps homeowners gain a clearer understanding of their options. Asking the right questions helps lead the homeowner to the realization that TAP® Pest Control Insulation is the product they need. Consider:

“Do you pay a lot in annual energy costs?”

“Are you planning on moving in the near future?”

“Are you worried about pests invading your living spaces?”

“Does your family’s health matter to you?”

The responses you receive can help you and your homeowner come to a conclusion that is a win for everyone. 

3. Be yourself. 

Relax, you have already earned their trust as their pest management professional. The key to maintaining that trust is to demonstrate why that trust was earned. Providing options on how to protect their family, their family’s health, and their home is why they depend on you. Be natural in your presentation making sure to explain the benefits and how it solves their current problem with pests. 

It is essential to remember that TAP® Pest Control Insulation not only controls pests, it also saves your customers tangible dollars on their annual heating and cooling costs. Adding that it is backed by a transferable, lifetime warranty makes it all the more appealing. Learn more about TAP® Pest Control Insulation

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