2019 is the year of business! There, we have named it, so let it be! As you look at opportunities to increase customer retention and referrals while expanding your customer base, consider adding Attic Restoration services with TAP Pest Control Insulation to your pest management menu. 

Wildlife and pests can wreak havoc on a home’s attic creating structural damage, potential fire hazards, and health concerns for the home’s occupants. Adding a service that restore’s the attic to a clean and healthy space free of pests falls under your natural business mission. 

Attic Restoration involves:

1. Removing the existing soiled or damaged insulation

2. Conducting any exclusion work necessary to prevent pests from re-entering the attic space.

3. Sanitizing the attic from bacteria left behind by pests.

4. Preparing the attic for new insulation by protecting the ventilation and building a three-inch barrier around all heat producing devices (i.e. chimneys, flues, attic fans).

5. Blowing EPA-registered TAP Pest Control Insulation into the attic for a complete and homeowner-approved service.

Build your revenue while expanding your clientele with a new business offering. 2019 is what you make of it. Ring in the new year with Restoration. Ring in the new year with TAP Pest Control Insulation. 

Contact us for more information today! Learn more about EPA-registered TAP Pest Control Insulation today!

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