So, you and your pest control or wildlife company have made the smart and savvy decision to offer the nation’s leading pest control insulation for your customers. You have heard that TAP® Pest Control Insulation is a proven pesticide that controls bugs, saves homeowners money on their annual heating & cooling costs, and allows they to live in comfort. You have also heard that TAP® Pest Control Insulation bears the ENERGY STAR® Seal & Insulate mark and is UL Classified. The question now is “how do you market it to your customers and help them see that this new and innovative product is part of a comprehensive pest management program that actually delivers on its promises?”

You’ve Got This!

The best way to market your business is to offer a FREE attic inspection with each visit to your customers’ homes. This allows you the opportunity to discover three very beneficial bits of knowledge:

  • The type of insulation, if any, currently in place
  • The amount of insulation in place
  • The condition of insulation in place

Once you obtain these three pieces of information, you can identify if the customer’s attic is an ideal candidate for either an attic cap or an attic restoration service with TAP® Pest Control Insulation or if the customer’s attic is in good shape. Remember, an easy ‘tell’ when considering if the customer has enough insulation in place is this:

If you can see the floor joists above the insulation, the homeowner is under insulated (source: U.S. DOE).

Offering TAP® Pest Control Insulation is a smart and savvy decision as it does not eat up your precious marketing budget. In addition, once you complete a few TAP® Pest Control Insulation jobs, your referral traffic will quickly become one of your best avenues for new business as your customers will be satisfied, free from pests, and living in comfort.

Are you ready to add TAP® Pest Control Insulation to your current pest control or wildlife line-up? Learn more or Contact us today!

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