This Father’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate family with a grill out or a picnic. Here are some easy ways to keep the pests from crashing the party this Father’s Day:

  • Use paper cupcake liners to keep insects out of your drink. Simply cut a small hole in the center and slide it down your straw until it covers the top of your drink.
  • Keep food covered when it is outside and take leftovers indoors or place in a cooler as soon as the meal is served.
  • Pick up trash. Dispose of any food scraps and debris in a closed trash receptacle to prevent pests from accessing it.
  • Distract bugs by filling a pitcher with sugar water and placing it away from the food area.
  • Avoid attire with bright colors or floral patterns. Though pests can’t see color, bees especially are attracted to bold colors and floral patterns.
  • Stay away from water. Areas near water are usually home to mosquitoes, horseflies, and other bugs.
  • Fill a freezer bag full of water and add a few pennies to the bottom of the bag. The reflection created by the pennies and the water is known to confuse those pesky flies.
  • Use the power of plants. “Smelly” plants, such as citronella, marigolds, lavender, and peppermint can repel insects.
  • Create an un-crossable barrier. Set your table legs in a container of fresh water to prevent ants from climbing up the legs or create a barrier around the eating area or picnic blanket with cornstarch or cinnamon.
  • Hit mosquitoes with a double whammy and utilize citronella candles. Not only are mosquitos repelled by the scent of citronella, they also detest the smoke that the candle creates.

On behalf of your friends at TAP® Pest Control Insulation, we hope you have a safe, fun, and pest-free Father’s Day!

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