Green! Green! Green!

Everywhere you turn these days, companies are pushing their green products, consumers are demanding green options, and the news is reporting on green innovations. Is it all really worth the fuss?

We want to help you cut through the green fog, for lack of a better term, and help shed light on the importance of products that are truly “GREEN.”

Green Provides Sustainability

It is evident that our natural resources are becoming scarce. The importance of selecting products that are sustainable and green are critical to the future. Now that we are experiencing longer life-spans, shouldn’t the products we choose to use or interact with promise, and deliver, in the area of sustainability? TAP Pest Control Insulation, for example, diverts thousands of pounds of post-consumer paper from landfills each year and creates a product that provides a more energy-efficient home that is protected from pests permanently. Other options are durable bamboo flooring, reclaimed wood and siding, and solar panels.

Green Can Save Consumers Money

While most green products on the market today come with a slightly higher price tag, the lifetime savings usually outweigh the original sticker shock. In addition to the benefits for your wallet, green products often help to conserve your home’s energy. Remember, a well-insulated home is a comfortable home.

Green Often Makes the World a Better Place

Many green products emit a lower, if any, toxins or off-gassing. Insulation that prohibits the growth of mold or laminates made without toxic glues are just a few products that help protect the planet and the air quality for us all.

When you purchase green products, you are thinking beyond your lifetime. True green products are more than ‘feel good’ purchases. They will still be around for generations to follow. Selecting products that make the world a better place may sound like a Steven Spielberg movie plot but are truly worth the initial investment.

Green Products are Innovative

Products such as LED lightbulbs, programmable thermostats, and metal roofing/siding tend to make a big environmental impact through innovation. Look at TAP Pest Control Insulation for a minute. In addition to being a superior insulation material, the entire product is an EPA-registered pesticide proven to control self-grooming insects that tend to nest in attics and walls. Green and innovative? It is just another reason why so many pest management and wildlife professionals choose to offer our product and so many homeowners request it to be installed in their home.

Remember, while “green” is the buzzword of the moment, there is some true science behind its sustainability.

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