TAP® Pest Control Insulation delivers on its promises. It controls pests and provides a more comfortable home. The active ingredient in EPA-registered TAP® Insulation is Orthoboric Acid (Boron: Nature’s Active Ingredient). Orthoboric Acid  provides multiple benefits including permanent pest control. The question frequently asked, however, is, “What is Orthooric Acid, and how does it work?”

Orthoboric acid is derived from boron, a naturally occurring substance found in rocks, soil, and water. Boron is common in the environment. It generally an odorless, white solid. Insects are killed by the ingesting of boric acid. Once ingested, it shuts down the insect’s digestive system; essentially dehydrating them. An added bonus of Boron is that it interferes with the reproduction of fungi, rot, and molds. It also provides the insulation’s fire retardant properties.

Where Can Boron Be Found?

Boron is also an essential plant nutrient controlling flowering, pollen production, germination and seed development. It can be found in many household items such as cosmetics, eye wash, shaving cream, soaps, cotton linens, and laundry detergent. The truth is Boron exists all around us. We touch this very important element every day. It is for these reasons that it is referred to as Boron: Nature’s Active Ingredient.

A Preventative Approach to Pest Management

TAP® Pest Control Insulation is a green insulation and part of a comprehensive and preventative pest management strategy. TAP® follows current integrated pest management (IPM) techniques.

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