Attic Storage and Dust

Many homeowners considering a TAP® Pest Control Insulation service often express concerns regarding their current attic storage and dust. They want to know that their choice to store family heirlooms or Christmas decorations in the attic  will not cause these items to be damaged or soiled during the installation process or after. This is because dust can be created during the installation process whether it is an attic cap, insulation removal, or attic restoration service.  

Of course, TAP® Pest Control Insulation delivers best when installed correctly. This involves installing enough TAP® Pest Control Insulation to meet the recommended R-value for the location of your home in which it is installed.

If the homeowner prefers to maintain a storage area in the attic after learning of the dust potential during installation, here are a few tips to work around that storage area:

  • The homeowner should remove all items stored in the attic prior to the arrival of the installation team. This prevents dust from collecting on the stored items helping to avoid unnecessary clean up.
  • A plywood barrier should be build up high enough around the storage area to ensure that the TAP® Pest Control Insulation is contained and at the correct depth around the storage area. 
  • Install TAP® Pest Control Insulation in the cavity created under the new storage barrier and the ceiling if possible. Though it most likely won’t be the recommended amount of insulation to achieve the recommended R-value in that location, it will still provide TAP® Pest Control Insulation benefits.
  • Inform the homeowner that they should wait to return their stored items back in the attic until the following day. This allows for residual dust to settle. 
  • Installing an attic stairway cover, scuttle hole cover, or covering the attic entrance with plastic or netting prior to installation also helps prevent dust from entering the living spaces of the home and a great way to demonstrate good customer service. 

Remember, the benefits of having EPA-registered TAP® Pest Control Insulation in a home is more than the energy saving thermal properties and the quiet comfort from the acoustical properties. It is also the peace of mind that the home’s structure and the health of the home’s occupants are protected from common household pests. Helping homeowners understand the installation process, including attic storage and dust issues, and answering questions or concerns prior to the TAP® service being conducting leads to those 5-star reviews your company seeks. 

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