Here is a bit of history looking back two years ago to our 2017 Halloween Costume Contest. Each member of the TAP® team dressed up in a Halloween costume and had their photo taken. The photos were shared on the TAP® Pest Control Insulation Facebook Page for all to see. Viewers were able to cast their vote for their favorite costume by “liking” the image.

Bring on the Photos

Bill as the Great Pumpkin
Bill as the Great Pumpkin
Stephens as a Dirt Bike Rider
Vicki as a Rainbow Zebra
Elvis as Batdog
Jay as Pee-wee Herman
Annie as a T-Rex
Melissa as a Veterinarian
Squanchie as a Shark
Matt as Forrest Gump
Kristi as Lucille Ball
Jaime as a Blind Referee
Tapper as a Vampire

2017 Halloween Costume Contest Results

We received over 2,500 impressions, 580 likes, 12 comments, and 54 shares of our costumed posts on Facebook.

Once the voting period closed, our fans had named Kristi as the winner of the 2017 Halloween Costume Contest. Kristi was dressed up as Lucille Ball from the popular television sitcom, I Love Lucy! She was rewarded with bragging rights for the following 12 months as well as a golden pumpkin full of Halloween treats. The fan support was simply amazing. Thank you!

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