As a pest management or wildlife professional, Marketing and selling your TAP Pest Control Insulation service offering can be easy with the new TAP Insulation Demo Tube. The TAP Insulation Demo Tube visually depicts a traditional attic cap featuring TAP Pest Control Insulation. The transparent tube is filled with loose-fill fiberglass and TAP Pest Control Insulation. The exterior of the tube houses a TAP Attic Ruler. The purpose of the ruler is to help explain the insulation material’s R-value and the fact that less TAP Pest Control Insulation will need to be installed to reach the desired R-value as recommended by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Allowing the homeowner to visually see and physically touch the TAP Insulation Demo Tube during your sales presentation might just be the tool to a successful TAP Pest Control Insulation sale. For more information on TAP Pest Control Insulation, click here. To shop the TAP Insulation Demo Tubes or all our unique marketing and sales resources, visit our shopping cart.

Are you ready to add TAP Pest Control Insulation to your current add-on service line-up? Contact us today!

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