Silverfish are very unique insects that can cause quite a bit of damage to your home. Here are some common myths about these pesky pests:

Myth: Silverfish live very short lives.

Actually, silverfish have an average life span of 4 years.

Myth: Silverfish can swim.

While silverfish are not actually fish, they are sometimes referred to as “fish moths.”

Myth: Silverfish can bite humans. 

Relax,silverfish are harmless to humans and tend to feast on mold. However, the preferred palate of silverfish includes the glue in the binding of books. A tell sign that a silverfish has feasted on your book(s) is the yellow stains they leave behind. Another unique fact is that silverfish do not like the smell of citrus fruits.

Myth: Silverfish move very slow with a ‘meandering’ style of movement.

Actually, silverfish are fantastic sprinters making them difficult to catch.

Myth: Silverfish are one of the hungriest insects. 

This is a common misnomer as silverfish can go up to a year without eating. Talk about stomach pains.

Myth: Silverfish are predators. 

Truth be told, silverfish do not have the predator mentality and are often preyed upon by spiders. They can, however, host ants and termites which can lead to a bigger problem in your home. As for hosting, we recommend a birthday party or quiet dinner party with friends and leave the insects to the professionals.

Next time you encounter one of these home invaders, you will know the truth. Want to rid your home of Silverfish and other self-grooming insects, find a provider today!

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