Spring, or should we say invasion season, is just around the corner which means insects, like termites, will work to gain access to your home. Termite infestation can produce a hefty bill to repair costly damages that are easily avoided. Here are three quick tips to add to your annual spring cleaning efforts:

1. Trim back your tree limbs and bushes surrounding your house.

Trees and shrubs can be natural highways for termites and other insects to enter your home. Taking a morning or afternoon to trim those around your home can save you huge sums of money and provide you the comfort of knowing that termites won’t gain access to your attic. Be sure to clear all the “limb litter” laying around your yard as it can serve as an attractant to termites and other insects.

2. Store your extra firewood away from the home.

While it is often very convenient to store firewood in your garage, shed, or close to the exterior of your home, you don’t want to make it convenient for termites too. Place any woodpiles at least 25 feet or more from your home as a preventative measure.

Remember, any wooden structure attached or near your home, such as a trellis, is also a great food source for termites. When your home calls for an addition of this type, it is wise to use treated lumber to prevent infestation and damage from termites.

3. Inspect the exterior of your home and seal any exposed cracks or crevices.

Another point of entry into your home is provided by those cracks and crevices that result from the settling of your home or weathering. It is smart to conduct an inspection twice each year to locate any changes in the exterior of your home. Taking the extra time to seal any cracks you find is a precautionary measure that will help safeguard your house from termites and the damage they can cause.

As always, contact your local pest management professional for an additional layer of protection. A professional can provide you the cost-effective options for a comprehensive termite prevention program including TAP® Pest Control Insulation.

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