The attic of your home could be the catalyst of your family’s health issues, paving the way for future structural damage, and possibly robbing your wallet of hard-earned money. Use these three signs to gauge if it is time to replace your insulation.

1. Not Enough Insulation
If the rafters across your attic are visible above the insulation, your home is under insulated according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Click here to determine the appropriate level of insulation for your area of the country. A home insulated with TAP® Pest Control Insulation is proven to save homeowners money on their annual heating/cooling costs.

2. Disturbed or Damaged Insulation
Disturbed or damaged insulation costs you money in energy bills and invites moisture damage. Once moisture is present, mold and mildew are not far behind creating a less-than-ideal situation for your investment as well as impacting family members with allergies.

3. Animal Presence
According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), humans can become infected with diseases from rodents when they are exposed to fresh urine, droppings, saliva, or nesting materials. When the droppings are moved around, spores can become airborne and enter the human body through inhalation, eyes, and ears.

The presence of pests in the attic attracts insects, mold, bacteria and other microorganisms which feed and breed on organic wastes. For more information on the connection between cockroaches and asthma, click on link below in related articles.

If your home’s attic meets any of these warning signs, relax! We have got you covered with our innovative and pest controlling insulation product. TAP® Pest Control Insulation can protect your home, your family’s health, and save you money. Contact us to find a provider near you!.

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