The Importance of R-Value

R-value is a term that appears anytime a home’s insulation is discussed. The questions most frequently asked, however, are “What is R-value, and why is it so important?”

R-value or resistance value is the measure of any insulation’s ability to slow the flow of heat. The higher or greater the R-value, the better the insulation will perform at maintaining a comfortable living space and helping to save homeowners on their annual energy costs. The r-value in you home can be enhanced by adding more insulation or an insulation with a higher r-value initially.

Insulations with a higher R-value, like TAP Pest Control Insulation, are more dense which helps them perform better at slowing the flow of air. This is ideal during the warmest of summers and coldest of winters when your home’s thermal envelope (the outside shell of a building that includes the floors, walls, and roof) must perform at its best.

Choosing the right insulation is key to saving on your homes annual energy costs and putting money back in your wallet. Selecting an insulation with a higher R-value means that less insulation will need to be added to achieve the recommended energy requirements.

There are many choices of insulation on the market today. Here are the R-value averages per the Building Performance Institute:

Insulation Type R-value per inch Typical Applications
Cellulose, loose fill 3.6 Attic Floor, Walls
Fiberglass, batts 3.0 Basement Ceiling, Open Stud Walls, Attic Floor
Fiberglass, loose fill 2.8 Attic Floor, Walls (existing)
Rockwood 3.0 Attic Floor, Walls, Basement Ceiling (may be loose or batts)
Vermiculite 2.7 Attic Floor

Source: http://www.bpiexamacademy.com/16-identify-insulation-types-and-r-values.html

The U.S. Department of Energy has very specific R-value recommendations for optimum energy efficiency based on the area of the country in which your home resides. Taking steps to enhance the thermal envelope of your home is always a wise investment.

As you consider the various types of insulation on the market today, we encourage you to think beyond R-values and look for an insulation that also includes additional benefits such as the added value of pest control found in TAP Pest Control Insulation. In addition to a high R-value, you can protect your home and family from unwanted pests that enter your home via the attic.

Don’t take our word for it…

“I recommend installing TAP® Pest Control Insulation for three reasons: 1. Pest Control Insulation is a great company, 2. TAP® Pest Control Insulation is sustainable, and 3. TAP® Pest Control Insulation works. I can’t say enough good words about TAP® Pest Control Insulation.”

– Fran Hill, Texas Homeowner

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