HNGA Career FairThe team at TAP attends career fair at Habersham Ninth Grate Academy. Students at Habersham Ninth Grade Academy held their annual Career Fair on Friday, April 6, 2018. Pest Control Insulation was excited and honored to participate. The event which showcased career opportunities in the fields of agriculture, business, education, manufacturing, and technology, moved students throughout the school as they learned about a number of career fields they might be interested in going in to after graduation. The event was attended by many businesses with a local, regional, and national footprint.  Pest Control Insulation’s Director of Sales & Client Support, Stephens Brown, attended and had the opportunity to share with students the importance of pest management on public health.

Students stopping by the Pest Control Insulation booth learned how EPA-registered TAP® Pest Control Insulation completes the home’s thermal envelope while saving homeowners money on their annual energy costs and providing better acoustic properties as well as permanent pest control. Questions raised by the students related to the materials in the insulation, the manufacturing process of the insulation, and the effectiveness of the product in controlling common household pests. The students came prepared with questions to help them navigate their future and follow their interests.

Pest Control Insulation was excited to participate in such a worthwhile event to help provide opportunity for tomorrow’s workforce. Following the event, Pest Control Insulation received several notes of appreciation for our participation and the knowledge we shared with the students. Congratulations to all the students at Habersham Ninth Grade Academy and the faculty and staff working with the class of 2021.

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