Silverfish, Lepisma saccharina, are a common guest in many homes across the country. Typically, found in attics, basements, bathrooms, closets, crawl spaces, or pantries, Silverfish can take up residence and cause damage to your home.

Silverfish can grow up to 12 mm in length and are known by many names such as bristle tails, fish moths, fringe tails, or tassel tails due to the three, appendages that extend from their abdomen in the shape of a tail. With an antennae that stretches out the length of their own body, Silverfish are coSilverfishvered in metallic, steel-colored scales.

UNIQUE FACT: Silverfish are gifted at hiding due to their flat body composition. This allows them to nest and remain unseen in very narrow crevices.

While some consider Silverfish to be a mere nuisance, they have the capacity to destroy all starchy items with their excrement including books, cardboard, paper, pasta, toothpaste, and wallpaper. A slight discoloration of paper is a key indicator of their presence. They don’t, however, feed on other animal products and wool.

UNIQUE FACT: Silverfish are one of the oldest insects in the world. They are considered prehistoric as they have inhabited the earth for over 400 million years.

Silverfish also have a long life span with most living three to eight years. Silverfish are survivors and have a very high tolerance or immunity to bug spray and other poisons making them hard to destroy.

UNIQUE FACT: Silverfish are nocturnal creatures typically venturing out at night.

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