Valentine’s Day is here! While you are showing your loved ones some extra love today, don’t forget to do the same for your home! Here are 4 ways you can show your home some love this Valentine’s Day:

  1. Clear debris from your roof and gutters. Debris, such as leaves and branches, can accumulate on the roof and in the gutters of your home. If left in place, the debris can block drainage, trap moisture, and cause damage to your home.
  2. Check the seals. Gaps in the seals on your doors and windows can compromise your home’s thermal envelope and invite unwanted moisture as well as pests into your home.
  3. Ensure attic ventilation is not blocked. It is very important that your attic is able to breathe, and blocked attic ventilation is never a good thing. When the vents in your attic become blocked by snow,  leaves, or insulation, it does not allow for air to flow properly in and out of the attic. This can cause moisture build-up and/or mold and mildew growth in your attic.
  4. Add a blanket of TAP® Pest Control Insulation to your attic. Keep your home warmer for the rest of this winter, cooler this summer, reduce unwanted noise, and protect your home from self-grooming insects with a fresh layer on TAP® installed directly on top of your existing attic insulation. 

Learn more about how your home can benefit from TAP® Pest Control Insulation here.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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