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This is ComfortTherm Crawlspace Insulation.

Complimenting the TAP® Attic Capping Program is the TAP® Crawlspace Insulation System featuring ComfortTherm poly-encapsulated fiberglass batts. It’s the ideal product to rid a home of cold floors, reduce sound infiltration, decrease your customer’s energy costs, and add the perfect compliment to your TAP® Pest Control Insulation business.

Performance Features

  • Not a Food Source for Pests
  • Mold-Resistant — does not support mold or mildew
  • Formaldehyde-Free™ — promotes better indoor air quality
  • Poly-Encapsulated — wrapped in plastic for cleaner, more comfortable installation with less itch irritation, and dust
  • Thermally Efficient — provides effective resistance to heat or cold transfer with a variety of R-values
  • Acoustically Efficient — reduces sound transmission through floor systems
  • Fire-Resistant and Noncombustible
  • Controls Moisture — the plastic facing is a vapor retarder that resists water vapor transmission. In hot, humid areas, ComfortTherm comes with a perforated plastic facing that does not act as a vapor retarder
  • Noncorrosive — does not promote corrosion of pipes, wiring, or metal studs
  • Damage Resistant — ComfortTherm’s poly sheathing protects it in harsh underfloor environments


ComfortTherm batts cut easily with an ordinary utility knife and are sized to fit standard cavities. The batts are placed between joists and secured with Tiger Teeth (wire hangers) pressed between the floor joists and against the insulation. Once installed, ComfortTherm should be in contact with the subfloor, leaving no gaps. The plastic facing of standard ComfortTherm is a vapor retarder, and in colder climates, is placed toward the heated or conditioned side of the floor. In predominantly hot, humid climates, many codes make vapor retarder use optional. ComfortTherm with a non-vapor retarder facing is available for these areas.

Packaging and Pricing

ComfortTherm Insulation is available nationwide and comes in batts. It is compression-packed in plastic bags for savings in storage and freight costs. ComfortTherm is available in LTL quantities (minimum 1 pallet—approximately 1,743 sq. ft.). For the best value, order a half or full truckload* (approximately 54,000 sq. ft.) delivered to your location!

*Truckload contains loose bundles only, no pallets. Lift gates are not available on delivery trucks.

Product Description

ComfortTherm Crawlspace Insulation is a preferred high-permeability product with perforated top and bottom to help prevent moisture accumulation against the subfloor in humid environments (drier climates will get non-perforated vapor retarder product). Each batt is wrapped in a poly film, totally encapsulated with only the ends exposed resulting in easier installation and very little itch or irritation. Additionally, ComfortTherm is formaldehyde-free! Please note that ComfortTherm is NOT a pest control insulation.


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