Successful sales associates understand that a willing strategy is based on the notion that referrals improve sales. According to American Writer, Dale Carnegie, “91% of customers say they’d give referrals. Only 11% of salespeople ask for them.” If this sentiment is indeed true, there is a lot of potential for your company to grow. The key to a healthy referral program is management buy-in and support. 

Sure, asking for the referral is a “no brainer,” but how often does it actually happen? Does your company measure success rates? Do you reward customer for successful referrals? Do you measure your sales team’s success by the number of closed referrals? 

How Do Referrals Improve Sales?

Customer Loyalty. 
When a current customer makes a referral for your business, they are essentially placing their reputation on the line. They are also more likely to ‘stick’ with your company as they are now invested in your success. In short, customers making referrals are much more loyal. 

Business Indicator.
A lack of referrals can also demonstrate a disconnect between your business and your customers. When your customers are unwilling or afraid to refer their contact to you, it is time to get to understand their ‘why?’ Don’t be afraid to ask customers how you can improve your product, program, or support. Customer feedback is very telling. It can highlight where your company falls short as well asd how to improve your service.

Sales Increase. 
When you genuinely ask for referrals from each of your customers, sales naturally increases. Consider, however, making it easy for your customers to refer. Provide them with a card to distribute, talk through some sample dialogue with them, or ask them for contact information and you can do the work for them. 

Referrals can be instrumental for increasing sales and improving retention. However, don’t make it complicated. Simply asking for the referral is, in most cases, all you have to do to get the ball rolling. 

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