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ANNOUNCING A TAP® EXCLUSIVE: The Max Output 575PCO Insulation Blowing Machine

Looking to replace your current insulation blower machine or upgrade to an insulation blower machine with faster production? Consider the new timesaving 575PCO Insulation Blower. The 575PCO Insulation Blower is available only from Pest Control Insulation. This exclusive new machine was designed after listening to feedback from our clients and has been tested in the field by busy PCO’s who gave it high marks for its output and labor-saving capabilities.

Utilizing common household current, the new 575PCO provides 33% greater output than the workhorse Krendl 475 insulation blower, while taking up the same amount of space in your TAP trailer. With an impressive output rate of up to 93 bags of TAP® Pest Control Insulation per hour, the 575PCO shaves valuable labor time from attic capping projects, meaning $$’s in your pockets! Users also reported being very pleased that the operation, control, and upkeep of this new machine are identical to the 475, meaning that your technicians will be instantly familiar with it, and thrilled at the time saved on the job site. And if you’re already using a 475, there’s no need for new hoses as the 575PCO uses the same size.

Safety guards provide operator protection and the removable hopper provides easy access to the machine’s all-steel airlock for cleaning. The dual agitators enhance the conditioning of insulation fibers. A cord hanger and hand pendant holder allow for convenient storage of cords and hand pendant.

This machine is available exclusively through TAP® Pest Control Insulation. To order or upgrade your current blower machine, contact us at (770) 766-6050 Ext. 805 or shop the link below!

NEW OPTIONS: Cool Machines Insulation Blowers & Vacuums

We are excited to offer Cool Machines Insulation Blowers and Vacuums for your TAP® Pest Control Insulation program. Each of these machines are proven to deliver regardless if you are providing an attic cap or attic restoration services. Check out the entire collection of Cool Machines Insulation Blowers and Vacuums below. Call (770) 766-6050 Ext. 805 for more info or to order.





NEW & IMPROVED: The TAP® Sales Kit

The newly revamped TAP® Sales Kit is the perfect resource for increasing sales for your TAP® Pest Control Insulation service offerings. We have redesigned the Kit to include a streamlined marketing package with a price that makes it irresistible.

Order the Enhanced version which comes with our proven Thermal Demo Unit to aid in your TAP® sales presentations and a 60-minute customized TAP® Training Webinar for your sales team. Check out the new TAP® Sales Kit components and get yours today!


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