To support TAP® Pest Control Insulation customers nationwide, PCI launches moisture meters. While inspecting attics for opportunities to incorporate EPA-registered TAP® Pest Control Insulation services, it is often wise for pest management and wildlife professionals to determine the temperature and moisture or humidity readings in the attic as well as existing or potential water leaks. PCI now carries a full line of pin and pinless Moisture Meters by General Tools & Instruments. Measure temperature, relative humidity, moisture level using a pin sensor, and moisture level using a pad sensor regardless of the application and moisture level. 

“The complete line of moisture meters and replacement parts are simply another innovative way we support the pest management and wildlife industry,” shares Jay Mancin, Chief Financial Officer for Pest Control Insulation. PCI is a distributor of General Tools Moisture Meters and can be purchased from the company’s website at www.TAPinsulation.com. PCI launches moisture meters as another way to support customers nationwide.

For more information on PCI Launches Moisture Meters or to purchase larger quantities at a discounted rate, contact us.

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