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OrkinTherm Pro Season Update



Trust has always been a proposition that we at Pest Control Insulation have valued. Just as important as trust is between you and your customers, it is just as critical with us in how we demonstrate trust with each encounter you have with our company. 2020 started out promising and amazing season for OrkinTherm Pro Insulation. However, the pandemic we are currently facing reared its ugly head. Through it all, we have witnessed your dedication and commitment to public health as well as providing solutions for your customers that follow current integrated pest management techniques and help them live comfortably in their home and business. We applaud you for your focus, drive, and determination to show that our industry is more than “essential,” we are a force to be trusted.

We are delighted to share several exciting developments for the 2020-2021 OrkinTherm Pro Insulation season. Included in this eNewsletter is announcements of new products and equipment, enhancements to current products, and insight to help you find greater success with your OrkinTherm Pro program. As always, our commitment to your success as an OrkinTherm Pro Provider is our ultimate goal. With a world-class training and support program available at your fingertips and our commitment to provide programs and products that deliver results, we anticipate the upcoming season to be one of our best ever.

If we can ever be of assistance to you and your team, know that we are at the ready to assist in any way we can.


William “Bill” N. Turk

Training Opportunities in the Time of COVID-19

COVID-19 has certainly changed the world and the way we do things. This has pushed us to make our training even more accessible with the same level of excellence that we have always been known for. As many parts of the country are limiting gathering sizes and mandating masks and social distancing, it has become virtually impossible to conduct on-site trainings. With this in mind, we have several alternatives to help you get the training you need:

TAP® Provider Site & TAP® App: Our Provider Site & App both contain informational and training videos that you can access 24/7. Video topics include installation process, machine operations, sales process, and more. Access the Provider Site or TAP® App to view our library of videos.

TAP® Webinars: We host a variety of webinars each year and keep recordings in our Webinar Library housed on the Provider Site. Topics include sales training, machine operations, and the TAP® App. Stay in the loop to hear about any upcoming webinars by joining our email list!

TAP® Podcast: The TAP® Pest Control Insulation Podcast is now available on your favorite podcast platforms including, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. Each episode reviews one of our products and talks technical about installations and equipment. Subscribe to our podcast to receive notifications about new episodes!

Virtual TAP® Training: Our virtual sales training has taken a new twist utilizing Zoom to create an interactive leaning environment that promotes engagement. Designed for large groups, this training is hosted by Chris and Stephens and includes breakout discussions, trivia competitions, and more. If you are interested in scheduling a training for your team, please contact Chris at cwhite@TAPinsulation.com.

OrkinTherm Pro Expanded Bug List

EPA-registered OrkinTherm Pro Insulation is known for controlling common household pests while saving homeowners money on their annual energy costs. In addition to controlling common household pests such as Ants, Booklice, Centipedes, Cockroaches, Crickets, Darkling Beetles, Earwigs, Millipedes, Silverfish, Sow Bugs, and Termites (including Formosan Termites), OrkinTherm Pro Insulation is now effective against the following additional pests:

Bat Bugs
Bat Bugs
Boxelder Bugs
Boxelder Bugs

Kudzu Bugs
Kudzu Bugs
Lady Beetles
Lady Beetles
Pill Bugs
Pill Bugs
Stink Bugs
Stink Bugs

The expanded effectiveness of OrkinTherm Pro Insulation, especially in the area of overwhelming pests, reinforces the ability to increase revenue and referrals. Download the new EPA label here or visit the TAP® Provider Site. NOTE: Bag labels will be revised as current warehouse inventory is replaced. For additional information, feel free to contact us via our website or phone at (770) 766-6050.

New Products

GV230XL Batt Removal Vacuum

GV230XL Batted Fiberglass Vacuum

The GV230XL gas-powered vacuum is your ideal insulation removal partner. This vacuum draws in recycled material from an attic and delivers it directly into an established vacuum bag. The GV230XL vacuum is designed for loose-fill fiberglass and cellulose or fiberglass batt insulation only. The GV230XL Insulation Vacuum is available to the pest control and wildlife industry exclusively by Pest Control Insulation.

Moisture Meters

Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter MMH800

Take your attic capping or attic restoration program a step further to protect the home of your customer. Consider one of our moisture meters to gauge temperature and humidity and locate water leaks. Measure the moisture content of drywall, plastered walls, floors, and subfloors in one easy-to-use tool.

Opportunities for Your Customers to Save

The Federal Tax Credit available for homeowners having EPA-registered OrkinTherm Pro Insulation in their home has been extended through December 31, 2020. The credit provides 10% of the product cost up to $500 or a specific amount from $50-$300. It does not cover the cost of installation. The credit is only available for those who install OrkinTherm Pro between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020. Installers and homeowners will need to provide the following documentation to qualify:

As always, we recommend that your customers speak to their preferred tax specialist before applying. Contact us if you have any questions. Additional rebate opportunities may be available based on state or local municipalities, visit our rebate page to access a database of opportunities in your area.

Training in the Palm of Your Hands

TAP® App

The TAP® App places all the benefits of the TAP® Provider Site in the palm of your hand making training, quoting, presenting, and marketing your OrkinTherm Pro Insulation business a breeze. Utilize the TAP® App to view training videos, access the TAP® Bag Calculator, educate yourself with the TAP® Online Training Portal, or incorporate the digital sales tools in your next presentation to a homeowner. The TAP® App is complimentary to all providers of EPA-registered TAP® Pest Control Insulation. To get started, request access today.

Insulation Contractor Opportunity

Have you considered offering OrkinTherm Pro but didn’t want to make the investment into the necessary equipment or don’t have the crew to spare for installs? If so, our Sub-Contractor Program is designed for you!

While this program is only available in select markets due to some state regulatory requirements, it has been successful in the areas where it is available. We work closely to vet the right contractors that know how to do the job right, represent your company well, and know how to work with Pest Control Companies. We work through top sources in the industry to make sure the companies we recommend are some of the best in the industry. If you service any of the following areas and would like more information on the sub-contractor program, please contact us:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • Pennsylvania (Western PA)
  • Texas (Houston Area)

Training Tip: The TAP® Bag Calculator

Whether quoting attic capping or attic restoration (insulation removal and replacement), increase the effectiveness of your job quotes with the TAP® Bag Calculator. Quickly determine the current R-value of your homeowner’s attic, the number of bags needed to complete the job, and the completed R-value in one handy tool. Click here to begin.

Join Us at NPMA’s V-PestWorld 2020

Pest Control Insulation is excited to participate in NPMA’s first Virtual PestWorld this year. We invite you to join us to learn more about our expanded EPA label for TAP® Pest Control Insulation, the new GV230XL Insulation Vacuum, and much more. Don’t forget to mention us @TAPinsulation or using our hashtag #TAPinsulation when posting on social media!

OrkinTherm Pro Sales Tools

The TAP® Sales Tools are extremely handy in helping homeowners understand the benefits of EPA-registered TAP® Pest Control Insulation. Here is a handy chart to help navigate which tools are best for you:

OrkinTherm Pro Thermal Demo Unit

The Thermal Demo Unit displays the thermal properties of TAP®, its energy efficiency, and the effectiveness of a higher R-value insulation.

TAP® Attic Rulers

OrkinTherm Attic Ruler

In addition to serving as an insulation guide, the TAP® Attic Ruler helps homeowners visualize how much better their attic can perform with TAP® Pest Control Insulation.

TAP® Sound Bucket

Acoustic Sound Bucket

The TAP® Acoustic Sound Bucket displays the acoustic properties of TAP® and how it provides a quiet, more comfortable home.

TAP® Insulation Demo Tube

OrkinTherm Pro Demo Tube

The TAP® Demo Tube provides a visual demonstration of a TAP® Attic Cap as well as R-value benefits.

We are Here to Help!

We understand how important it is to succeed with OrkinTherm Pro Insulation from the start. Our world-class training and support program is available to you complimentary as a OrkinTherm Pro Provider. Should you need additional insight or specific training or support, feel free to contact us:

Via Email: hello@TAPinsulation.com
Via Website: TAPinsulation.com
Via Phone: (770) 766-6050 Monday thru Friday, 8 AM – 5 PM

Relax, we’ve got your back!


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