by Summer Minor, GreenBuildingElements.com

A newly designed home insulation does double duty at keep out the elements and pests. The new TAP insulation, made from recycled materials, featured a special borate additive process that helps keep bugs out of the home as well as protecting the home indefinitely.

Recycled Insulation

TAP stands for Thermal Acoustic Pest Control. The new insulation, designed by a small company in Homer, GA, is made from 85-87% post-consumer recycled paper. Much of this is recycled newsprint and other post-consumer papers, making this insulation one of the greenest options around. TAP insulation has been Energy Star and EPA labeled as a good insulation provider for the home while also being eco-friendly because of it’s design.

TAP was started by Bill Turk, President and CEO of PCIS, in the 1990s. The company began as a cellulose insulation manufacturing operation that turned paper products into useful consumer and industrial products. Turk wanted to create an insulation that would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by saving energy in homes and building. However, he also knew that pest control was an issue that many homeowners faced.

Pest Control Insulation

Turk enlisted the help of a man with 30 years of experience in the chemical field. Together they created the process by which their insulation uses today. Using a boric acid, the insulation helps stop many insects that are common problems for homeowners. Cockroaches, silverfish, ants and termites are all controlled by the boric acid used in the insulation.

The boric acid attaches to the bodies of the insects to help kill them before they have a chance to reproduce. Unlike with other pest control chemicals, insects do not build an immunity to boric acid. This means the insulation works as a pest control method for the life of the home. If left undisturbed, the TAP insulation will continue to help kill insects long after it is installed in the home.

Many people know that using insulation in the home is a smart choice for stopping energy loss and reducing your costs. Installing the right insulation is an important part of a home audit. This new TAP insulation may be one of the best choices for homeowners today.

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