After Each Use

☐ Remove Air Filter and Clean With Compressed Air

☐ Make Sure to Remove Cellulose From Hoses

☐ Clean Out Hopper and Remove Any Debris From Agitator Arms

☐ Check Guards

☐ Remove Bottom Guard and Blow Out Insulation Build Up Around Blower and Motor

☐ Clear Vent Holes on Each Side of Machine

After 40 Hours of Use

☐ Check Pressure With Pressure Gauge (Replace Airlock Seals if Needed)

☐ Inspect Hoses for Cracks and Tighten Connections

☐ Inspect Power and Remote Cords

☐ Inspect Chains and Chain Tension

After 200 Hours of Use

☐ Check Drive Alignment and Tension

☐ Inspect Electrical Components for Cracked or Loose Wires

☐ Lubricate Drive Chains With Dry Lubricant

☐ Grease Airlock Bearings


☐ Replace Airlock Seals (If Not Done Previously)

The purpose of the airlock seal is to trap air and fiber until it rotates 180° to the 6 o’ clock position. At this point, fiber is pushed out of the chamber by air from the blower. Worn or damaged seals allow air and fiber to escape back into the hopper, thus reducing production and coverage. When it is necessary to replace seals, follow these directions:

  1. Remove the hopper from the base unit.
  2. Check the airlock rotator plates for damage (to see if they are bent). If damaged, the entire airlock will need to be replaced (refer to airlock replacement below).
  3. Take out the rubber seal by removing the three plate fastening bolts and top plate.
  4. Install new seal. The seal should be inserted right against the rotor plate, pressing the lower tabs of the seal down under the adjustment seal with a flathead screwdriver. Before tightening the bolts, make sure all bolt holes are aligned while the side of the seal is equally pressed against the end plate. The seal should be bent backwards for counterclockwise rotation.

NOTE: If the top plates are slightly bent, flip them when replacing to help bend the plates back to being straight.

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