National Cut Your Energy Costs Day

There are many benefits to reducing your energy consumption, such as saving money and helping the environment. What better day to talk about reducing energy consumption and energy costs than National Cut Your Energy Costs Day?! Here are 4 ways you can cut your energy costs this year:

1. Check the seals around windows and doors and replace if necessary.

Anywhere where heat can enter or escape your home easily is costing you money. By sealing the thermal envelope of your home, you are reducing energy loss and energy costs.

2. Purchase environmentally friendly appliances.

Appliances marked with the ENERGY STAR® seal save money and reduce energy consumption. Look for information on your current appliances, or look for the ENERGY STAR® seal when shopping for new appliances.

3. Wash your clothes in cold water.

Utilizing cold water to wash your clothes reduces the amount of energy it would otherwise use to wash your clothes in warm or hot water. Additionally, cold water won’t shrink or fade your clothes.

4. Have TAP® Pest Control Insulation installed in your attic.

TAP® Pest Control Insulation is an EPA-registered pesticide and cellulose insulation. Not only does TAP® Pest Control Insulation control 21 common household insects, it also increases the thermal and acoustical comfort of your home. Talk to a Pest Management Professional or find a provider to help you cut energy costs today!

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