Foam Insulation

If you are installing foam insulation, buyer beware. Your home is your castle. It is the source of your daily life, where you make memories, where you raise a family, and where you relax after a long day of activity. This investment needs to be protected so that the living you do in it can continue for years to come. 

Potential Threat from Termites

Termites cause millions of damage to homes in the U.S. annually. Infestations by termite colonies can happen to any home regardless of cleanliness, location, or materials used to construct the home. This is why contracting with a pest management professional is critical to your home’s protection. A pest management professional can inspect your home for current infestations, remove them, and provide you with a comprehensive approach to protect your home from future threats. However, understanding the impact future home enhancements can have on your home and your home’s protection from termites is key. 

Possible Outcomes

Foam installed in a home as an upgrade to the structure, altering or adding on to the home, enclosing a crawlspace, or finishing off a basement, can have an impact on:

  • the effectiveness of any termite protection currently in place
  • the ability by a professional to inspect and detect termite presence or infestation
  • the home’s termite warranty
  • the structure of the home via damage and the cost of repairs

Foam is typically installed to eliminate drafty conditions and enhance the home’s energy efficiency, aesthetics, and resale value. However, careful consideration should be afforded to the actual installation of foam insulation to avoid additional costs and headaches. It is also common for termites to enter a structure from the outside and tunnel through foam insulation unbeknownst to the homeowners. It is always wise to consult with a termite professional prior to installing foam insulation in your home. A termite professional can provide scientific research and clarity on the situation as well as help you create a plan for the installation of foam insulation. 


Even the best laid plans may not be a match for termites and the colonies that exist around your home. However, giving them an advantage by covering up those areas necessary for inspection by a pest management professional and an installation that voids an existing termite warranty can have irreparable damage and frustration within the walls which you call home.  Remember, foam insulation buyer beware. 

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