The TAP® Pest Control Insulation Team is committed to the productivity and longevity of your home. Consider these energy saving tips to protect energy and add money back into your pocket.


1. Uneven insulation &House_Blueprint leaky duct work make HVAC systems work harder and robs homeowners of comfort and money.

2. Repairing leaky HVAC ducts reduces heating & cooling costs. You might also qualify for a rebate.

3. If you have central AC, you can close air vents in rooms not used. This puts savings in back in your pocket.

4. Blinds pulled in the summer and raised in the winter are an effective energy-saving tool! Add them to your windows!

5. Installing a programmable thermostat saves up to 10% on cooling and heating bills!

6. Caulk and weather strip around windows and doors to stop air leaks and keep your house snug!

7. Clean your AC’s filter regularly and schedule annual maintenance by a qualified contractor. Learn how to properly install and use a programmable thermostat to save energy.

8. When on vacation or away from home for an extended period during the summer, set your cooling thermostat to 78 degrees and become a savvy saver!

9. Make sure your ceiling fan turns clockwise at a low speed during the winter and counter clockwise during the summer.


1. Timers and photocells on light fixtures saves electricity. Don’t forget the dimmer!

2. Adding motion detectors to exterior lights uses less energy and is eco-wise!

3. Turn lights off when no one needs them.


1. Leaky faucets waste gallons of water in a very short period of time. Fix the drips quickly and keep $ in your pocket!

2. Taking shorter showers helps reduce your energy costs each month!

3. Clean your refrigerator’s coils regularly to keep the compressor running efficiently.

4. Dry one load of clothes after another to prevent heat loss.

5. Purchasing an efficient, water-saving Energy Star appliance is a wise investment making you a savvy saver!

6. Hang them out to dry! Air drying takes even less time now with high-efficiency washers.

7. Skipping the drying cycle and opting to air dry your dishes cuts down on energy costs and saves you money!

8. Save up to $.50 on average per load when you wash your laundry w/ cold water. Let’s do the math: $.50 x 365 days=SCORE!

9. Because some electronic equipment and appliances consume energy even when they are not in use, power strips are ideal for saving energy.

10. Reduce your monthly water heating bills by selecting an efficient water heater for your home or pool (i.e., tank-less, heat pump, or solar hot water heaters).


1. Reflective roofs are proven to reduce heat buildup & prevent expansion and contraction which vitiate roofs.

2. Blown-in insulation, like TAP® Pest Control Insulation, conforms readily to odd-sized cavities in your attic and provides greater coverage.

3. Adding an attic stairway cover is relatively easy and makes your home more energy efficient and comfortable year round!

4. Adding TAP® Pest Control insulation to your attic helps build a stronger thermal envelope and may provide a tax credit or rebate for your effort.

5. A well-placed tree or shrub produces shade and wind resistance for your home. Plus, they add beauty in your yard.

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