Completed TAP Pest Control Insulation JobWhen considering adding insulation to your home as a weekend DIY project, consider what you don’t know. There are many homeowners who understand the importance of insulating their uninsulated or under insulated home to save on energy costs and create a more comfortable living environment for their family. Before you jump on the do-it-yourself craze, however,  consider the following:

1. Can I add insulation directly on top of any existing insulation?

Unless the current insulation, if present, is damaged or soiled due to pest presence, it is appropriate to simply add enough insulation to that which already exists in the attic to bring you up to the appropriate R-value to promote energy savings. Check out these additional considerations.

2. Which insulation is the best?

The most important decision you will make as a DIYer is selecting the appropriate insulation material. This is where it gets dicey for many homeowners. While there is not a perfect insulation on the market today, some do stand out from the rest.

3. Would it be better to leave it up to a professional?

For safety reasons alone, we always recommend consulting with a professional.

Regardless of which route you determine is best, however, consider one final thought – not all insulations are the same. Consider one that bears the ENERGY STAR® mark and proven to control pests in your home. The added benefits pay huge dividends to your health and your wallet in the long run. Contact us if we can be of assistance.

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