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Close the attic hatch! Installing EPA-registered TAP® Pest Control Insulation in your customer’s home helps them live pest-free while allowing them to save money on their annual heating and cooling costs. However, there is one installation tip that can help prevent a messy situation. 

The Problem

The attic’s access point, scuttle hole, or pull-down ladder entrance is often a source of frustration for homeowners. This is a large hole in the ceiling which can allow TAP® Pest Control Insulation to enter the living space of the home during the installation process. Covering the access point, however, can be a challenge as you still need to enter and exit the attic as well as snake the insulation hose in to actually blow in the insulation.

Common Attic Hatch Recommendations

One common recommendation is to use a pre-cut sheet of plywood or foam board to cover the entrance. While this works, for the most part, it doesn’t completely close off the entrance. The 3″ or 4″ hose still has to reside in the opening. Another recommendation is to use an old sheet, but this can prove to be tricky when trying to enter or exit the attic. 

A New Solution for Covering the Attic Hatch

The Hatchmaster Attic Stairway Cover offers a more workable solution to this problem. The Hatchmaster, which installs in under 5 minutes, easily zippers open and shut from both the top and the bottom. It also creates a tight seal around the insulation hose. This prevents insulation and dust from entering the living space of the home. 

Simply install the Hatchmaster Attic Stairway Cover during the initial home prep for a quick and easy solution. As the installation process progresses, technicians can enter and exit the attic with ease while protecting the home and creating happy customers. 

Other Considerations

Should the attic be accessed by a knee-wall door, we recommend using a small drop cloth taped from the inside allowing the insulation hose to enter the attic while protecting the interior room or closet from dust and debris created during the installation. 

If you perform multiple TAP® Pest Control Insulation installs each month, you can order the Hatchmaster Attic Stairway Cover by the case and avoid shipping costs. Regardless of your method, we ask you to remember to close the Attic Hatch. 

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