PestWorld 2015 is an annual event sponsored by the National Pest Management Association. Pest Management Professionals from across the globe as well as the businesses that serve them descend for a week celebrating this wonderful industry. The event is an opportunity to get a first-hand look into the pest control culture and the service they provide to international consumers.

This year’s event was held October 19-23 at the beautiful Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center in the musical mecca of Nashville, TN. The team at Pest Control Insulation attended the event and brought home these 7 take-a-ways:

7. There is a conscience focus on improving and protecting the health and life span of today’s population. Our society is healthier and lives longer based on three attributes – better pharmaceuticals & immunizations, proper sanitation management, and quality pest management. This industry presents a noble and worthy calling for those individuals it employs.

6. Social media allows pest control companies to lead the conversation regarding quality of life and education about pest-related issues on the world stage.

5. In an effort to meet consumer demand, the pest management industry has become one of the leading industries in innovation and new product development. Innovation in technology for delivery methods and customer service as well as new pest control products are debuting at a break neck pace. Pest Control Insulation is excited to be one of the companies contributing to this effort.

4. The green movement is still building momentum. Homeowners and businesses investing in pest control seek green alternatives to pest management that offers them peace of mind with their purchasing decisions.

3. The Pest Control Industry produces some of the most talented and dedicated professionals as demonstrated through the Crown Leadership Awards presented by PCT Magazine and the PMP Hall of Fame Awards presented by PMP Magazine. This year’s representatives were among the best and brightest this industry has to offer.

2. There is no harder working staff than the professionals employed with the National Pest Management Association. Their dedication and attention to detail made this year’s event superb.

1. This industry is a family. The camaraderie and support for one another truly makes this the best and most sought after industry for employment.

Our team thoroughly enjoyed our time at Pest World 2015 in Nashville, TN. We have now, however, set our sights on Pest World 2016. See you in Seattle, WA!

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