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Anyone who has been in sales for any period of time understands that referrals are a key to success. Engaging satisfied customers to refer you business enables you to work less on new customer strategy freeing up time to deliver results for those in which you do business. Consider these 4 keys to referrals:

1. Nurture Customers Toward The Referral

Not every customer is going to refer someone to your business the first time you ask. The key is to build a strategy where the request to refer is the standard. Building it into your sales process is key. See the asking of a referral as the final step in your follow-up protocol. Not only will it become second nature to your sales team, it will nurture your  customers into making referrals as a way to express their appreciation. 

Another way to nurture referrals is by instituting a program which rewards customers for successful referrals. Consider offering company swag, priority in scheduling, a small kickback or discount on a future service, or even highlighting them on your website as a valued customer. Remember, people are motivated differently. Therefore, change up your program until you find the ideal mix of nurture that works. 

2. Clarify the Type of Customers You Would Like to Gain

Often, your customers are ready to make a referral. However, they might not be clear on which type of potential customer you are hoping to gain. If you can share the likely customer your company hopes to attract, the likelihood of gaining the right profile of a referral increases. Consider sharing:

  • Those who live in your current service area(s)
  • Those who own their own home
  • Those who already have pest control or are interested in pest control

The key is to understand what makes a great customer for your business and make it clear that they are who you desire to serve. 

3. Capitalize on the Opportunity to Make the ‘Ask’

Immediately following an installation service featuring TAP® Pest Control Insulation or ComfortTherm Crawl Space Insulation is the opportune time to ask your customer for a referral. The enthusiasm of your customers are ripe for harnessing. With a little encouragement, customers have a greater chance at following through on the request to refer their friends and neighbors. Simply ask, “How did we do today with your TAP® Pest Control Insulation experience?” If they reply favorably, encourage them to share their experience with their peers and family. Offer that you would be delighted to provide a similar experience for their friends. 

If they do not reply favorably to the initial question, this gives you an opportunity to amend the situation. Often when a negative situation is turned positive, customers are more likely to refer based on the steps you took to make things right with them. 

4. Provide Feedback with Quality Referrals

Whenever a customer makes a referral for your business, it means that they are invested in your success. Their reputation is on the line, and they want to make sure your company doesn’t let them down. Therefore, providing feedback on each customer you gain through a referral is essential. Express your appreciation to customers who refer with feedback. This solidifies their confidence in you and encourages them to continue referring. 

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